Sue’s birthday

Sue’s birthday.

Sue’s birthday was approaching. We were sitting around watching TV one night and I asked her what she would like to do for her 39th birthday. She said she would like very much to turn 30! I asked her if there was maybe something else that I could realistically help her with.

Sue really surprised me with her answer. She told me that she had a fantasy about going out to a bar and picking up some guy, or maybe two guys, and letting them fuck her. She said that she wanted to dress up like a very sexy slut, tease some men and pick out one or two to get laid by.

Our rule had always been that we never have sexual relations with anyone unless we are both there. I mentioned my concerns for her safety without me there. Sue said she already had that figured out.

Sue explained that we would drive separately to a popular Country & Western bar in a nearby city. I was to enter the bar about two hours or so before she arrived. I was to hang around, play some pool and try to find a single guy that I thought Sue would like to fuck. I was pretty good at pool and never had any trouble striking up a conversation with total strangers while shooting pool. Sue had a good idea going here. I knew that within two hours of drinking beer and shooting pool, I’d find a suitable candidate to be Sue’s “present.”

The idea was for her to arrive later dressed to kill and obviously on the prowl. She was going to tease a number of the guys, rejecting all but the advances of me and the guy I was talking with. We would pretend that we didn’t know each other and she would pick us up. It sounded like fun to me and we worked on the rest of the details.

We both took off work on Friday, Sue’s birthday, and decided to go shopping. I had three-dozen red roses delivered early that morning and I made a fantastic breakfast and some excellent coffee. Sue was feeling like a queen; I enjoyed treating her as one too.

As I poured Sue another cup of coffee, Sue said she wanted to do something for me, too. I told her that it was her birthday, not mine. She set her cup down on an end table next to the chair she was sitting in. Sue leaned forward and removed my hanging cock from my sweats.

With a smile on my face, I stepped closer. Sue took my soft cock into her mouth and sucked me deep into her face. She started to chew softly on my cock, I felt it stir and begin to harden fast. Sue moaned loudly around my cock. All of a sudden my cock was in her throat instead of just her mouth. My wife looks real good with a hard cock in her mouth ( I guess ALL women look good with a hard cock in their mouths ) though since this was MY wife, she looked special. She loves to suck cock, and especially likes to have an audience as she is doing it.

I watched her moving her head forward and back, slobbering and sucking for all she was worth. She had one hand gently rubbing and squeezing my balls. Her other hand was on my ass, pulling me into her face. Sue took a finger and tickled my sensitive asshole, which made me groan and slam my cock deep into her throat. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and began licking my cock and lapping at my balls. Her hand was pumping me, trying to drain my balls. Sue said, “Honey, I want your juice, cum on my face, lover! Spray your cum on your wife’s face! I want to eat your white cream!”

Sue knows that talking dirty gets me hot and she felt my cock get even harder in her hand and begin to pulse. She knew I was going to cum and increased her pumping on my cock. She was rubbing the head of my cock all over her eyes, nose, forehead, lips and throat. Just as she pointed my cock above her eyes, I blasted my first stream. She moved some and my second spurt hit her in the nose, the third on her open mouth. Her tongue was lapping all she could get. My cock finished draining over her tongue. She loved to show me my own cum on her tongue and have me see her swallow and go for more. She used her fingers to clean her forehead and nose of all of the cream. She lovingly licked her fingers not missing a drop. We both said “Thank you” at the same time. It was nice to have a woman who enjoyed sucking cock as much as I enjoyed being sucked.

We spent the day shopping. I let Sue pick out a complete outfit at an expensive Western-wear store at the mall. While she was shopping and trying things on, I sat in the lounge area of the mall and watched the people going by. I was trying to guess which of the people might be into a swinging lifestyle. I was finding there was a lot of wild sex going on behind closed doors. All sizes, shapes, and ages were interested in opening up their sex lives.

I noticed a good-looking couple, about 40 or 45 years old, scoping me out. She was smiling very nice and licking her lips quite obviously. Her husband was rubbing her ass and saying something in her ear. She giggled, looked me right in the eye, saw me return her look, and turned quickly. With her husband in tow, she disappeared into the crowd. I knew what they had in mind. It was too bad that they didn’t have the courage to cum over and talk to me.

Sue came out of the store about an hour later. She loves to shop! Her arms were full of boxes and bags of merchandise. She told me she had a great time and had bought a lot of really nice stuff. She said she had bought me a new shirt also.

Sue said she had a hair appointment at 6:00 p.m. She told me that she expected me to be gone already by the time she returned home from the appointment. She didn’t want me to see any of the clothes she had bought or see the hairstyle she had planned. She wanted to be a “stranger” to me that night. She showed me the new western shirt that she had bought me. It was a really nice white long sleeve shirt.

At about 5:40 p.m., Sue gave me a big kiss and hug before she left for her appointment. She told me to enjoy myself tonight; she was going to.

I putzed around some, ate some dinner, took a long shower and got dressed to go out. I put on the shirt Sue had bought me, blue jeans, a matching Levi’s sport coat, my snake skin boots and my “good guy” white cowboy hat.

The place where we were to meet was called the Country Time Bar. It was a really nice place, had only the best country-rock bands and drew quite a crowd. They had a $40.00 cover charge and the band was supposed to be a top name from Arkansas.

I pulled into the lot and found a good parking place for my black ‘Vette near the entrance. I sat in the car for a few minutes, smoked a joint and watched the people entering the building. No one could see me; the windows in my ‘Vette are dark-tinted. There were SO MANY foxy women going in tonight. You could tell by the way people dressed and the vehicles they arrived in that this was not a real Western bar, where real cowboys hang out. Of course, I had never seen a bar-fight here either.

I was getting quite a buzz and having fun watching not only the girls, but the men, also. Sounds pretty strange, me watching the guys! Believe me, it was only for my wife. I was actually on the prowl, looking for a good-looking guy that my wife could fuck to her hearts content. I wondered if there were others here tonight doing what we were going to try. With the size of this crowd, I thought that it was very probable. How interesting, think of the possibilities!

I went in about 7:30, paid my $40, and got my invisible stamp on my wrist. I went straight to the bar, ordered a beer and leaned against the bar to have a look around. The band was still setting up the equipment. It was early; the music would begin at 9:00.

This was a really BIG place. Even with all the people I saw enter, the place was empty compared with how it would be two or three hours from now. On one side of the room was the stage and a giant hardwood dance floor. Around the dance floor were enough tables to seat at least 500 people. On the other side of the long horseshoe bar was where most of the people were. There were 25 full-size pool tables, each with a game going already. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, either playing or watching.

I walked around by the tables scoping the MEN! This really felt weird. I wanted to scope the foxy women standing around but had to remind myself that this was Sue’s fantasy, not mine, although I knew that I would have fun with this. I wanted to find the best breeding stock I could; my wife deserved it!

There was already a selection of good-looking men here. Most were in groups of three to six. I needed someone either alone or maybe even with one other male friend. Two men and myself making it with Sue would really get her hot! I thought I would just have to see how things went. One at a time seemed to be a better idea, easier to manage since this was OUR first time picking up a stranger in a bar.

I wandered around and settled against a large support pole near a table in the center of the room. Two guys were shooting. Each looked like he shot a lot of pool. They were making some good shots.

I thought that if I was to challenge a table, I would have an easy way of meeting my wife’s dream man. Neither of these two guys were acceptable (this was fun). I challenged the table thinking that I could take it from these guys without much problem. Then I could hope I’d be lucky enough to have my table challenged by the right guy.

I started to daydream about what Sue was doing right now and what ideas she had planned for her fantasy night. I was lost in thought, when one of the guys playing tapped me. He said it was my game; he had lost to his friend. I put the quarters in and racked up the balls.

I introduced myself. My opponent’s name was Billy. He told me to go ahead and break if I wanted to. He was a pretty cocky little guy. He obviously figured that he was going to kick my ass in this game. We played 8-ball. I broke. I never missed a shot. The little shit never got a shot!

His friend challenged me to a game and racked the balls. He was worse that his friend, betting me $50 that I couldn’t do that again. I pocketed the $50 when the game was over and looked around for another opponent. Anyone who had been watching didn’t want to waste his quarters. It was pretty stupid to annihilate the two guys like I did. I racked up the balls and started a practice game alone. I made some great shots but made sure that I missed just enough. As crowds will in bars, it shifted and a guy put his quarters on the side of the table.

I looked the guy over, noticing that he seemed alone. I couldn’t believe my luck, this guy was the Marlboro Man, for Christ’s sake. I smiled to myself, praying that he wasn’t gay and trying to pick me up. I was positive that this was the guy in my wife’s fantasy. He hadn’t even said anything yet, and I was “choosing” him. I finished the table slowly and we struck up a conversation.

His name was Cory and he said he was an investment banker. His voice was very deep, his chest and arms were covered with dark, thick hair. It was more like fur, actually. He said he was 24 and just out of college. He was in the area visiting family before moving to New York City and starting his new banking job. He had three weeks before he had to report for work and he said he wanted to catch up on some partying.

Cory was about six foot tall and 170 pounds. He was in very good shape. His arms bulged against his short-sleeve shirt. In my mind, I crossed my fingers, Sue would LOVE to get her hands on this guy.

We shot pool and drank beer, taking turns buying rounds. I heard the band start up, I hadn’t realized how quickly time was flying by. Cory and I were having a really good time. The difference in our ages didn’t even seem evident. This was a really nice guy.

About 10:00, I was starting to wonder about Sue. Where was she? I had expected her by 9:30 at the latest. I hoped that nothing had happened with her car or that she had chickened out. I thought that I wouldn’t get real concerned for a while yet.

At 10:15 or so Cory said I should see what was going on over on the dance floor. He said there was a really sexy girl dancing with some guy, putting on quite a show. I looked up from the table and there was Sue, dancing with some guy. A big smile broke out on my face!

The song was a fast Southern Rock piece. Sue is a very good dancer and she knows full well the effect her sexy, dirty, dancing has on the men in bars. Most of the guys in the place were watching my Sue show her stuff. I told Cory that I would like to get MY hands on something like that. Cory said, “Dream on, buddy, with all of this competition here tonight we probably don’t have a chance at getting into a woman like that. Besides, she is probably here with someone, either a husband, a boyfriend or a really UGLY female friend. This woman just can’t be alone!”

I smiled and asked if he was going to shoot or not. He hesitated, taking another look at Sue, before missing an easy shot. He was definitely distracted. Maybe this was going to be easier than I thought.

I had to “wake” Cory several times. He seemed obsessed with my wife. He watched her go through the crowd, teasing and talking to lots of men. Cory said, “Jesus, John, she is the absolute sexiest woman I have ever seen! I’d give my left nut to fuck her. Shit! Look, John, she’s coming this way!” I had trouble hiding my shit-eating grin, I was really proud of my beautiful wife.

Sue looked like she was getting pretty loose. She had enough to drink to give her the confidence to play this wild, sexy, slutty and beautiful woman. She was really getting into all of the attention she was getting. I silently hoped she didn’t forget about our original plans!

Sue had on jeans that looked like she’d poured her body into them. She was wearing her high-heeled eel-skin western boots. Her legs and ass were the best in the room. She had on a lacy white blouse that was very transparent. She was wearing a sexy, tiny bra that could be seen through her blouse. Her tits strained the bra. Her shirt was unbuttoned to the middle of her chest. Her large breasts were swinging and bouncing as she walked. ALL the men in the bar seemed to love it. She had on a shiny silver metal belt that accentuated her fantastic figure.

What I really noticed, though, was her new hairdo. She’d had her previously long straight blonde hair curled and permed at the hairdresser. She was a totally new, sexy woman, looking good, and she knew it.

Sue worked the crowd and made her way to the bar. At least four guys tried to buy her a drink. She accepted a brandy and water from one of the men, a short ugly guy who seemed to think that he had just gotten lucky! Sue sipped the drink and when the guy started to say something to her, she affectionately squeezed his inner thigh, thanked him for the drink and walked off, leaving him with his mouth hanging open. He looked like he had cum in his pants when she had touched his inner thigh!

My wife was walking through the huge crowd, obviously looking for me, but trying not to be obvious about it. When our eyes met, she smiled and winked.

Sue went from table to table, talking to the players, acting more loaded than she was (I think). One guy let her take a shot for him. She treated everyone watching to a great view of her tight ass as she bent over the table to line up the shot. The crowd of guys in the front of her was quickly growing! They all wanted to get a look at those big tits hanging in front of their eyes. Sue pretended that she didn’t realize the effect she was having on the guys and took quite a while to shoot. She missed the shot, stood up and stamped her foot on the floor in faked disgust. She had done that on purpose to make her big tits bounce for the men. Little by little, she worked her way to our table.

Cory bumped me and told me that this woman was approaching. I lined up a very difficult shot and sank the ball with a fast and hard snap of the cue. Sue stepped up behind me and said, “That was a really good shot. Are you always that good at putting things in holes?”

I smiled and glanced at Cory who was trying to think of something to say to this Sex Goddess. I told Sue that I did my best, but not always as hard or as fast.

Sue was really getting into her act. She acted like she had no idea who I was, I joined in and played the stranger to her, too. She introduced herself as Mandy. She giggled and asked if she could “play with you guys.” I acted a little aloof, Cory seemed to go into shock at the thought that I might chase Mandy off. He jumped in and told Mandy that WE would be happy to have her join our game.

As Mandy racked up the balls, the crowd around our lucky table grew. Mandy handled each ball as if it were a man’s testicle. Each man there caught the tease right away. Cory bent over behind my wife and helped her get the rack straight. Mandy shoved her jeans covered ass back against Cory and asked him what that was in his pocket. Cory blushed a little bit and stepped back.

Sue turned and smiled sexily at Cory, letting her eyes devour this young, well-built, hairy man. Her eyes seemed to linger at his growing bulge and she wet her lips with her tongue. Cory was hooked! Now all WE had to do was reel him in.

Sue/Mandy whispered in my ear, “How am I doing, darling? I hope this hunk is the man you picked for me. I am SO hot, my pussy is dripping.” I laughed as if she had just told me a joke.

We shot four games, Cory and I missing many a shot so we could watch Mandy shoot more often. The audience of guys watching our game appreciated our efforts, too. Mandy was really getting into her act. Now and then she would walk up to some guy, squeeze his buns and tell him she liked his tight ass. This always brought cheers and cat calls from the crowd. Between shots, Mandy was dirty dancing around the table to the band’s loud music, sometimes doing very suggestive things with the cue stick. She rubbed it between her legs and once took about four inches of the butt of the cue into her mouth. When she did this I saw one girl slam her boyfriend on the shoulder with her hand, pulling him from my wife’s audience. She was yelling at the guy, wanting to know what the hell he thought he was looking at! The poor guy allowed her to pull him out of view. I think it was not so much jealousy at her guy enjoying another sexy woman as jealousy of my wife. She wished she could look as sexy as Sue!

We surrendered the table and followed Mandy to a vacant bar table. I went to get fresh drinks for the three of us, leaving Cory and my wife alone to talk. When I returned, they were both laughing loudly after Mandy told a good sexy joke.

I set the drinks on the table, took a seat on the other side of Mandy from Cory, and asked her to tell us a little about herself. Mandy said she was out to party tonight. She said her husband was out of town on business again and she wouldn’t see him for another 10 days, at least. Cory looked disappointed at the idea that this fox was married. I’m sure he thought this was just a frustrated married woman out on the town having fun and that she planned on going home alone after having a good time at the bar. Mandy said she was tired of being left alone by her husband for so long. She added that she hated going without the great sex that she and her husband had together. Mandy looked directly into Cory’s eyes and told him she was very horny, that she was wet between her legs and needed some relief soon. She told him she was tired of playing with herself to relieve the itch.

Cory’s eyes lit up, he boldly asked what she would like US to do about this. I liked the way he included me!

Sue/Mandy looked at both of us and asked if Cory and I would like to get out of here and come over to her place for a “drink.” Cory and I slammed our beers in seconds! The three of us got up and headed for the door. We heard a few guys commenting on “those lucky guys.”

I asked where Mandy lived and offered to drive. She said it wasn’t too far and the three of us got into my ‘Vette. I drove and Mandy had to sit on Cory’s lap in the other seat. Mandy commented on how cozy a ‘Vette was for three people. She was acting impressed with my car.

Cory didn’t seem to mind having this sexy woman sitting on his lap. He seemed pretty excited about the prospect of what was going to happen tonight. He couldn’t believe his good fortune. He must have had a big hard on. Mandy was adjusting her position on his lap, telling him she had trouble getting comfortable. She remarked again about the hard object in his pants that was poking her.

Before Cory could say anything I watched as my wife bent and kissed him hard on the mouth, running her tongue deep into his open mouth. Cory kissed her back and I saw his right hand squeezing her heaving tits. Cory reached his hand inside Mandy’s blouse and then inside her bra to feel her bare breast against his probing hand. I could tell he was rolling her nipple in his fingers. Sue was breathing hard, getting very hot with this young stud.

Sue broke away from the embrace. Acting embarrassed, she said she was sorry if she was giving us a wrong impression of her. She said that she had NEVER had another man touch her other than her husband. She added that she just couldn’t control her sexual urges any more. Besides, she said, her husband was probably getting laid all the time when he went away. Playing the role to the hilt, she added that she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to go through with this. She wanted a drink to calm her nerves.

Cory was beginning to think that our chances of getting laid were dwindling before his eyes. Mandy pointed to “her” driveway, telling me to please park out of sight so any neighbors wouldn’t notice the strange car in her driveway.

The three of us approached the house. As Mandy fumbled with her keys, Cory bumped me to get my attention. He shrugged his shoulders, nodding his head toward Mandy with a question-filled face. I smiled and made the OK sign with my fingers.

Sue opened the door to our house and we entered. I made comments on what a nice house she and her husband had. Sue pointed the way to the living room and told us to make ourselves at home. She asked me to make drinks, pointing to the bar cabinet. She told Cory to light a fire in the fireplace, if he would like. She was going to get out of her tight boots and into something more comfortable.

When Sue went up the stairs and disappeared around the corner, Cory turned to me. He wanted to know if I thought that we were going to get lucky. He said he never would have expected to end up in this woman’s house tonight, although he had HOPED. I told him it looked like we were definitely going to get lucky. I asked him if he had ever been to bed with more than one person at once before.

Cory said that once, in college, he had fucked one of his girlfriends and her roommate had joined them. Another time, still in college, he and one of his friends had bedded one of the math Professors. She was, he said, a very prim and proper 55-year-old spinster. She had asked him and his friend over to move some furniture at her house. He said they NEVER thought she wanted them to move her bedroom furniture. He laughed, saying, “She wanted us to move her bed with her in it.” She told them she wanted her bed springs moving, up and down, while they fucked her. She wasn’t much of a looker but she was one of the best lays he had ever had, he said. He added that he and his friend both got an “A” that semester. They each fucked her three times the last semester.

I told him things hadn’t changed in college. I was just going to tell him one of my college stories but was interrupted by my beautiful wife standing in the doorway. Sue/Mandy was standing there watching the two of us talk.

Sue had definitely changed into something more “comfortable”! She had on one of her skimpiest black and red negligees, black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, crotchless panties and spiked heels. She slyly asked if we men minded if she joined us on the couch and interrupted our conversation. Cory jumped to the side, giving Mandy room to sit between us. I reached up and turned out the light; the fireplace flickering was plenty.

We didn’t waste much time. I asked Mandy if she were absolutely sure that she wanted to go through with this. She answered that she had thought hard about it upstairs and had decided it just would not be fair to the two hunks she had lured home if she asked them to leave before this got out of hand. Mandy said she really needed to get fucked, she wasn’t going to wait another day!

With that, she reached over to me, took my face in her hands and kissed me hard. She kissed me like a possessed woman. Her tits were heaving against the thin material of her negligee. She lifted her left leg over Cory’s lap, giving him an unobstructed view of her dripping pussy. I saw him running his hands over her stocking-covered thighs. One of his hands went up her thigh directly to her hairy muff. She bucked as he inserted two fingers in her tight cunt. His thumb rolled her clit and she bit at my tongue, causing me to jump. I ran one hand down to her breast and reached right in to grab one. I was holding her head with my other hand. The new hair style felt so different, it was almost like a different woman. I pulled her left tit from her skimpy top. As I rolled the nipple in my fingers, I saw Cory staring at my wife’s beautiful body.

Sue shifted to kiss Cory and I took the chance to get up and get undressed. When I sat back down I rubbed my hot and very hard cock against Mandy’s thigh. She reached over and took my cock in her hand, pumping it up and down. She broke off the kiss with Cory and bent to my throbbing cock. Just before she took my cock in her mouth she told Cory to get comfortable, she wanted to see his beautiful body. Then she bent and swallowed my cock to my balls!

I watched Cory all but rip his clothes off, throwing them into a pile on the floor. Sue was busy and couldn’t see, but I knew she was going to be VERY pleased when she saw this young stud naked. This guy’s whole body was covered with fur! He was THE hairiest guy I had ever seen. I thought I had a lot of hair on my body! He had a big chest, a tight and taught stomach that rippled with muscles and the fattest cock I had ever seen. It wasn’t really that long ( no more than seven or eight inches at most ) but it was as big around as MY wrist! He was uncircumcised and his cock looked like something hanging from a horse, not as long, but at least as thick.

I told Sue that maybe we could all get on the floor to be more comfortable. She got up saying she would get a blanket for the floor. When she saw Cory’s naked body she froze in place saying, “You’re so beautiful! Please don’t go away. I’ll be right back!” She trotted from the room and returned in seconds with a comforter. She spread it in front of the fireplace and took her place on her back in the center.

Cory and I each cuddled up next to Mandy, one on each side. Sue whispered in my ear that she hoped I didn’t feel neglected or left out, but she just had to make it with this beautiful young stud laying next to her. I kissed her and gave her a little shove of encouragement towards Cory. I whispered to her, “Happy Birthday, my love, enjoy your present. I’m sure I will enjoy myself seeing you enjoy yourself. Just save some of you for me when he’s done with you.”

My wife turned to Cory and let him take her in his arms. She was making out with this kid like she was back in high school. Their hands were all over each other. She was having a good time running her fingers over his hairy chest and his hair-covered, rippling stomach. Sue began kissing and licking his nipples and slowly worked her way down to his crotch. She parted the hair around his erect cock and took it into her hand. She pumped it several times and I saw her tongue snake out and lick the drops of pre-cum from the tip.

Cory gave me the thumbs-up sign. He was enjoying having this older woman working him over. I returned the sign and ran my hands over my wife’s back, cupping her ass cheeks. I wondered what Cory would say if he knew the woman sucking his cock right now was also my wife.

Sue was really slobbering over Cory’s cock. She couldn’t fit it into her mouth. She sucked on the end of it and licked it up and down. Now and then she would bend down and take one of his balls into her mouth, sucking gently on it.

She rose and said she just had to fuck this wonderful cock! I watched my wife squat over his hard cock. She got on her knees and reached to insert this strange cock into her hot pussy. I could see his FAT cock spread the lips of my wife’s cunt. I watched as she lowered herself onto his erection. She was mumbling about NEVER feeling SO stretched before. I could tell, too. I couldn’t believe how Sue’s pussy lips stretched as Cory’s cock entered her body. Once he was totally inside my wife, she sat there, her mouth hung open, adjusting to his size.

After about two minutes of adjusting, she rose up further, onto her knees. Cory was playing with her big tits, which he had freed from her negligee. When Sue rose up, he pushed his hips up, fucking his cock deep into her pussy. He then began a hard and fast fucking motion. I watched his cock sliding in and out of Sue’s cunt in a blur. Sue’s juices were coating this young man’s cock, dripping onto his balls. Sue bent forward to offer her tits to Cory to suck on. They were bouncing around, swaying from side to side, as they fucked each other. He held one tit still while he reached up and engulfed her nipple in his mouth. He sucked like a baby on it, making loud slurping noises.

I rubbed my fingers over Sue’s ass, moving near her cunt and catching some of her juices coming from her stuffed pussy. She was really getting hammered by Cory. I knew that she was going to have a sore cunt tonight! I coated her asshole with her own juices and inserted my finger into her. Surprisingly, her ass opened up and accepted my middle finger to my palm. She was turned on, and I guessed all of the drinks she’d had helped to loosen her muscles as well as her inhibitions. My wife was actually shoving back against my finger fucking her ass. I could feel Cory’s cock through that thin membrane of skin between her ass and cunt. It was the first time I’d actually FELT another man’s cock in my wife. I couldn’t believe how loose her ass was. It opened to accept yet another finger. Now I was ramming her ass with two fingers as Cory fucked into her tight pussy.

I don’t think I’d EVER seen Sue so turned on. She turned to me and said, “Darling, please fuck my ass! I want to feel two big cocks in me at once... Stick your wonderful cock in my ass, honey, I CAN TAKE IT!”

Sue was getting pretty carried away, I was hoping she didn’t get too much more graphic and let it slip about our true relationship, as husband and wife. I hoped she knew what she was asking for, because I was MORE than happy to comply with her request.

I got on my knees between Sue’s thighs and between Cory’s legs. Sue held her ass up, reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks for me. Her asshole was puckering open and closed in anticipation of the fucking she wanted. Cory stopped fucking into her for a moment while I inserted my hard cock into my wife’s ass. I went very slow at first and let her move back against me to bury my cock in her ass. The alcohol had definitely helped her to relax her ass muscles, I seemed to glide in without hurting her. Soon after I was all the way inside of her beautiful ass, I felt Cory fuck back into her pussy, burying himself in her also.

Sue screamed, “MY god...I can’t believe I have two big cocks inside of me at the same time! I feel like I’m being ripped apart! Please don’t stop! Both of you fuck me hard! John, fuck my ass as hard as you want! Cory, slam that fat meat into my pussy! both of you fill me with your cum!”

We began pummeling her body. Sue’s tits were bouncing all over, sometimes slapping into Cory’s face. It didn’t take long! Sue began her orgasm, screaming obscenities, trying to draw our cum into her body. Cory and I fucked her for another 10 minutes until we both slammed into Sue, burying our cocks to the hilt in her ass and cunt. Both of us sprayed our scalding cum into Sue/Mandy. Sue began another orgasm, this one much more intense than the first. Sue was planting kisses all over Cory’s chest and face, thanking him for the best cum of her life. She reached behind her and squeezed my leg, thanking me, also.

We all got up, made another drink and talked about everyday things until Sue got in the mood again. Sue wanted to fuck Cory again, doggie style. First she wanted me to suck her pussy though. She laid back and I dove between her legs. I began lapping at her pussy, sticking my tongue as deep into her as I could. I could taste this other man’s cum in my wife’s cunt. When I hesitated slightly thinking about it, Sue said, “Go ahead, honey, suck his hot white cum from my pussy! It turns me on so much to see you eat me and his cum!” What could I say? I continued, happy that she was happy. I rose up to kiss her and passed a big load of Cory’s cum into her mouth from mine. She eagerly sucked it in and swallowed all of it. She told Cory that his cum was very sweet.

Sue turned over and, bending forward, stuck her ass into the air, trying to tempt Cory into fucking her again. I told Cory to mount her and fuck her willing and waiting pussy. He positioned himself behind my wife and inserted his cock into her pussy again. In one big stroke, he sunk his fat meat into her tight pussy. I could see her asshole still puckering, more open now from the fucking it had taken. Cory bent forward into her and began slamming into Sue, fucking her into the ground. She was grunting like an animal, fucking this man like she was never going to be fucked again. I knelt before her, asking her to suck my cock while Cory fucked her. She lifted up until she was even with my cock, then sucked my swollen member into her throat. I saw Cory watching me bury my cock into this woman’s face as he fucked furiously into her pussy from behind. The three of us started cumming at once. Cory and I blasted our loads deep into her pussy and throat, her orgasm made her buck and hump back into Cory. She eagerly received our cum into both of her orifices.

At 2 a.m. I drove Sue/Mandy and Cory back to the bar to get their cars. When we got there Sue kissed both of us deeply, thanking us for a FANTASTIC evening and saying she would never forget this. I said goodbye to Sue and shook Cory’s hand. I told him I would probably see him again and beat him at pool again. We got into our respective cars and drove off to our homes.

I was home before Sue, waiting in the living room as she came in. She hugged and kissed me, saying tonight was SO special, and I was wonderful for allowing her to fulfill one of her fantasies. She commented me on my GREAT TASTE in men. Sue added that when she was kissing Cory goodnight, he’d whispered to her that he wanted to go home with her again, alone. She’d told him it was not a good idea, the neighbors might talk if they saw him there in the morning. She added that she wouldn’t want her husband returning home either and finding another man there. Sue’d told him that MAYBE they could meet again here at the bar sometime. He’d seemed a little hurt and rejected, she said, but said he understood. He’d thanked Sue for a great time, saying he would never forget her.

I told Sue I’d really enjoyed fucking Mandy and watching Mandy fuck that young stud. I asked her how she felt? She said one word: “SORE”!

We went to bed, me thinking about what I might want for my birthday.

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