She was very drunk.

My wife is 35 now 5’7” and 145-150 pounds. She is blond with small B cup breasts and an amazing ass. We have two young kids. When this occurred she was a bit heavier, like 90 pounds more, but she was still very hot. About halfway into this, I realized how hot it was and broke out the camera to take pics.

My friend Dave has been a chum since high school. He would have been my best man, but we had a wedding in Vegas with minimal fanfare, but he did attend a reception thrown for us in our home state when we returned. At the reception, I had no idea that six years later I would be letting him fuck my wife. Dave married a beautiful woman named Jill, but she’s a hyper religious freak and is rather prudish. He overlooked this to be with her because he’s stupid I guess. Anyway, within 5 years, he was miserable not getting sex nearly as much as he would like. He loved her and didn’t want to leave her, but he would talk to me about trying to find someone on the side. I warned him not to because a side affair could be more than that for the woman and she might confront Jill someday. He heeded my advice for a long time.

One night, Dave was over watching a basketball game on my new HD TV with me. His wife was at work (she’s a nurse that works night shift which is 7pm-7:30am) and my wife was home but not watching the game. The kids had already been put to bed and Lisa my wife was upstairs watching TV and drinking long island iced teas. She had at least two of them in her by halftime and came down to make a 3rd. After making it, she came out to the living room and sat with us while we waited for the 2nd half. When she came in she was clearly buzzed and didn’t walk a straight line. Dave and I had been talking about Jill and how she hadn’t been with him for almost a month. Lisa was listening and then asked if it was possible she was seeing someone else. He assured her that she was not. He said she just wasn’t interested in it, like it was too boring or something. When Lisa gets drunk, she can lose sense of what’s appropriate and be without tact. She got up to go to the bathroom and then stopped in the middle of the room and bent over to pick up a piece of fuzz on the carpet. When she did this she aimed her ass at Dave and then wiggled a little bit and asked him if Jill at least does things like that for him. He responded. “Not nice!” I agreed and said that she was being mean to him there.

In the living room, I was sitting in a lazyboy type chair and Dave was sitting on the couch at the end closest to me. When Lisa had come in she was sitting on the other end of the couch. I was to Dave’s left and she was to his right. Lisa was wearing tight stretchy workout pants and a big puffy sweater. When she came back and sat on the couch, instead of facing her legs towards the TV, she sat sideways with her crotch facing Dave. She put one leg up on the other allowing a view of her groin and watched the game. I had seen her sit on couches that way before so I wasn’t really sure if she knew what she was doing or if she was just sitting as usual. I noticed that Dave would occasionally glance over and look at her groin area between her legs. It did look hot! At one point I swear I could make out the definition of her labia in the material.

After a little while the wife had finished her 3rd long island and was getting really loopy. During one of the commercial breaks, they showed the dance team in their tights as they went to commercial. My wife got up and said I can do that and was trying to do what they were doing, but the video of the dancers ended abruptly and she then quit and turned to walk into the kitchen. She bent over again and said, “Too bad Jill doesn’t do this for you” as she wiggled slowly side to side showing her ass to both of us. Again I chimed up and said that she was torturing the poor man. She then stood up and came over to me and stuck her ass in my lap just hovering above my dick and then asked if she did this for him. She was clearly very drunk. At that point I felt a lift in my pants and realized that this was hot. I reached out and felt her hips, they were as usual, very nice.

I then said to her, “honey, you’re gonna make Dave cum in his pants if you keep this up” and then I noticed his pants had a slight bulge in them. I said, “See he’s getting hard, you have to stop teasing him.” She then looked over and saw it too. Then she turned to face me and kissed me in a sloppy sort o f manner. I pulled back and asked, “whatya doing, Dave is right there and you’re not making it easy on him.” She responded with, “I just thought he might like watching me tease you” I then said, “Honey, you’re probably making him uncomfortable, you should stop” and I gave her a serious look.

Just then Dave chimed in and said, “No really it’s okay, actually its kinda fun to watch you guys play.” She then turned back to me and said, “See he does like it!” With that she kissed me again and then she pulled back and said, “I’ll be back, I want to change.” She stumbled upstairs and into the bedroom. I told Dave that if he was uncomfortable, he could leave. He said, “Nah, this is fun and you know I’ve always thought Lisa was hot.” I wasn’t sure what she was going to come down in and pondered if we were doing something we should not be. Lisa then called down and asked me to make her another drink, but wanted a white Russian instead.

I did and then she came down and sat on the couch. When I saw her, I knew I needed to get the camera out and snap a few pics of her. She liked me snapping pics and posed for several shots. She was sitting there wearing a black silk night gown with white lace at the top. She had a black silk robe over that and I would later discover she had a pair of blue lace panties on underneath. I then said the stereotypical thing cameramen say when shooting a woman, I told her to make love to the camera. She giggled but was still covered up a bit, so I then told her to show us something. She pulled out her boobs and smiled for the camera. Dave was loving this. She then pulled open her robe and hiked up her gown exposing her panties. I snapped a few more pics of this and then she flipped one leg over the other showing her ass and the thin panties within. This was super hot. Dave was totally hard now as was I. Lisa then posed for a few more reaching down and rubbing her pussy thorugh the panties and was really getting into this. She was very drunk for sure. She then crawled down to the floor and stuck her butt up in the air, snapped a pic of that. She then laid down on her tummy with her ass showing out from under her gown. Man I was really enjoying this. I was also very nervous and my heart was racing. I was committed now to this night of debauchery and wasn’t going to back out now. I then reached over and pulled her panties to one side so Dave could see her pussy. She pretended to be shy and said, “hey now!” but didn’t stop me. I then pulled her panties tight like a thong right up between her labia and snapped a pic. After this, I removed her panties with her help. She was half out of it now and her eyes were closed. I think she was close to passing out.

At this point she’s laying there on the floor on her back with her pussy showing and still wearing the gown and robe. Dave’s dick is busting out at the seams and I told him it was okay to pull it out and stroke it if he wanted. He did just that. I moved the wife’s legs into many different poses as I snapped more pictures. Wifey was now almost completely passed out. I put the camera down and reached down to touch her pussy. I felt she was actually fairly wet and pushed my finger in her. I finger fucked her for a few minutes and was going to let Dave watch me fuck her when I had an idea to let him fuck her. I said to him, “You want to be first in her tonight?” His eyes got really big and he said, “Really?”

I said, “sure.” He came over and kneeled between her legs while I moved to the side. He put his erect dick at the opening of her pussy and rubbed it slowly to lube the tip of it. He then pushed in slowly. He was able to get halfway in before pulling back out and then on the second stroke pushed all the way in. She made a face of pleasure but never opened her eyes. He began to move in and out now to a steady rhythm. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my best friend since high school was fucking my wife. I reached for the camera and he immediately protested. I assured him only close up shots and I would leave his face out of pics. He relented and I snapped a few more pics before I lost interest in taking pics and wanted my dick in her mouth. I then moved up to her face and she was just conscious enough that when I stuck my dick on her lips she opened up a bit and I pushed it in. She wasn’t much on sucking, but I was able to face fuck her and together we fucked her at the same time. He then mentioned he was getting close to cumming and asked me what he needed to do. I said go ahead and cum inside her. She had a tubal ligation so I wasn’t worried about pregnancy. He exploded in her and I loved watching it. I then moved over and put my dick in her for sloppy seconds. Her pussy was hot with his cum. It made me cum all that much more quickly into my semi-conscious wife.

We cleaned her up and I helped her up to the couch as there was no way I could carry her up the stairs. I covered her with a blanket and went to bed. At some point during the night she woke up and came upstairs. I told her the next morning everything we had done and she was really turned on by that. We had sex again that morning and ever since that night, we have had Dave over periodically to include him in our fun. It works out great for all of us, although his wife has no idea this is going on. He’s always coming over to my house to “watch a game or play on the Xbox.” In the last months it has slowed down quite a bit. He has not been over in a while and we have been focusing more on each other, but I know it’s not over between the 3 of us. My wife just says she’s not in the mood lately to do that and our mother-in-law has been living with us too now, which has limited the ability to host.

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