She made me watch.

I'd had suspicions for a while that my wife had a lover that she was seeing when I wasn't around. Our sex life was still great, but a couple of times when I'd slid my cock inside her cunt, which looked really swollen, after she'd been out clubbing with her friends, she felt much creamier than usual, and when I pulled out my cock was covered in a thick creamy film that looked very much like cum.  She denied anything was going on, and just said she'd been playing with herself on her way home.

Then, a couple of days later, I'd put the washing in the machine, and a pair of her black panties fell on the floor. I picked them up, and noticed the crotch was covered in a thick layer of a sticky creamy substance. I put it to my nose, and instantly smelled that distinctive aroma of male cum. Rather than being upset, I was really turned on by the idea that someone else was fucking her and filling her pussy with his cum, even though she wasn't on any birth control. My cock was straining to be set free, so I pulled it out and started wanking over her dirty panties. Just as I was about to spurt all over them, I turned round and there she was standing over me watching, as my cum shot all over her lacy knickers. She was naked, as she always is at home, and she was wanking too. Three fingers inside her creamy cunt. She moaned and grunted to an orgasm, and then pulled her fingers out. They were covered in a thick layer of cream and she grinned at me as she licked them clean. Then she turned and walked out of the kitchen as I stared at her lovely ass. I'm sure I heard her mumble under her breath 'God, he tastes lovely' as she turned the corner.

She'd also let her pubes grow the last month, even though I'd been asking her for years to do just that. She'd always said no, she preferred herself shaved. But now, she had a big black bush between her legs, that turned me on something rotten. She teased me when we went out, wearing a g-string under a short skirt, and took every opportunity to bend over whenever there were hunky guys around, letting them see the string disappearing between her ass cheeks and hairy cunt, and then she flirted with them, even allowing a couple to slide a finger inside her as I was made to watch.

So, I came home early from work one afternoon, and sure enough when I walked into the hall, I could hear her moaning and groaning and the slapping sound of doggy style sex. I could hear a man talking to her in a low voice, and then I heard her shout 'Yes baby, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard!' I stood and listened for a while, as she shrieked with each of his thrusts, and I could hear the slap of his balls against her wet pussy. Now I was really shocked. She'd never let me fuck her ass. I crept up to the bedroom door, and pushed it open a little. Through the crack I could see the back of her lover as he pulled a very big cock out of her ass, her asshole gaped wide for a few seconds and then contracted, and he shoved his cock into her again. She screamed and I could see her whole body shaking as an orgasm took hold. Then he reached around her sides with both hands, grabbed her big heavy tits, and pulled them out from under her. He held them, stretching them out as far as he could, the nipples hard and brown, as he started to fuck her ass, slowly to start, then building up speed, the whole of his impressive cock disappearing up her asshole. She was screaming uncontrollably now, her body shaking as he squeezed her tits and pulled her nipples. Suddenly she lost control, went quiet for a few seconds, then screamed 'Oh fuck!'

And a stream of golden pee shot out from between her pussy lips, spraying all over his balls as he continued to fuck her. 'Baby, I'm going to cum' he shouted. And she immediately turned on her back. She saw me standing in the doorway, and smiled. Then she opened her mouth, and stared into his eyes, as he spurted his thick cum all over her face and hair. She got up, and walked over to me, kissed me, smearing my face with his thick, sticky cum and took my hand and led me to the bed. She made me lie down on my back with my head at the end of the bed, then climbed on top of me, kneeling with her pussy over my face, as I felt my hard cock being licked and then saw her scrape his cum off her face and start to slide her cummy hand up and down my shaft. I looked up and saw her lover standing behind her, his cock still hard. He looked massive, his big balls hanging down inches from my mouth. He started to wank over me and her ass and very soon, his cum was spurting out, all over her pussy and my face. I opened my mouth and watched as a big thick spurt slid slowly down between her cheeks through her pussy lips and dangled there,swaying back and forth tantalisingly over my mouth. Her lover was amazingly still rock hard, and I watched as he pushed the massive head slowly into her tight asshole. She moaned loudly and started to shake as he pushed his enormous cock all the way inside her. As she did, the big drip of his cum detached itself from her pussy and dripped onto my lips.

I licked them hungrily, and the taste of his creamy sperm took me over the edge and I started to spurt my cum high in the air. My wife clamped her mouth over my cock and I felt her mouth quickly filling up as I watched her lover's cock pounding in and out of her ass. Very soon I could hear him start to grunt over her screaming and I could see his balls contracting as he emptied them deep inside her. After a few minutes, his cock slipped out of her pussy and came to rest on my lips. I opened them and started to suck his cock. It grew quickly in my mouth as I tasted a mixture of his cum and the wonderful bitterness of the contents of my wife's ass.

She got up and made me sit at the end of the bed, and take his cock in my mouth. I watched as she stood beside him, letting him play with her big, soft tits and her wet pussy, as she hungrily slid her tongue in his mouth. Then she pushed her ass in my face as he slid two fingers into her asshole and finger fucked her, I felt him twitch and suddenly my mouth was full of his thick creamy cum. I swallowed it all greedily. My wife pushed me back onto the bed, then climbing over me, she squatted over my open mouth. I watched as she pushed hard, the insides of her tight asshole making it look really swollen and suddenly a stream of creamy white liquid shot out straight into my mouth. The colour turned quickly from white to cream, then light brown and finally to dark brown as she emptied the whole contents of her ass into my mouth. 'Don't swallow yet' she ordered. 'I want to see.' So I waited, mouth open as they both inspected my full open mouth. She laughed and said, 'Now, swallow my cummy shit!' And I did!

Her lover spent the rest of the day with us, and I was made to watch them fuck in every conceivable position and every room. He even fucked her outside on the patio three times while I was made to do the gardening. He fucked her in the ass just before he left, and later that evening Mandy made me eat her shit, mixed with his cum again. After that, she insisted that her lover moved in with us, and for the first couple of weeks, I had to watch them fucking almost constantly. As soon as he was due back from work, She would wait just inside the front door in a frenzy of anticipation, naked and bent over waiting for him. She always made me watch, showing how desperate she was, and he'd walk in the door, drop his trousers, his massive cock always ready and fuck here right there, leaving the front door open. I'd never know which hole he'd choose, but he always fucked her hard whether it was her pussy or tight asshole. Then she'd walk around the house, dripping his cum everywhere making me clean up after her. Before I was allowed to eat any meal, she'd get him to fuck her, then she'd squat over my plate and empty her full pussy or ass all over my food. Then they'd watch and laugh as I ate it. Then they'd feed each other their meals as they fucked again. I have to say, I was in a constant state of erection all the time! And I didn't miss out on sex either, but she would never let me fuck her unless she was full of his cum. Thankfully that was most of the time!

I really loved the anticipation of sliding into her full cunt, making his cum spurt out as I rammed into her, and licking up the creamy mess afterwards. And sliding into her tight ass was just heaven. Once I was inside her I could feel his slippery spunk slopping around my cock as I slid in and out. I'd be woken up in the middle of the night to see his cock sliding in and out of her right over my face, and would go back to sleep happily, my face wet and sticky from his cum, as I listened to the sound of his cock popping in and out of her asshole as she moaned noisily next to my ear. A couple of mornings I woke up, dried cum all over me with my cock deep down her throat while she got her morning fuck.

I came home one evening to find he'd brought back two of his mates, and I walked into our bedroom to find her with one big cock in her cunt, another massive black cock stretching her asshole while she sucked off her lovers big cock. I just stood and watched for over an hour as they continually swapped places. Her pussy was really red and swollen, her ass was bleeding, but she wouldn't let them stop. Finally she got them to stand over her and wank themselves off over her face. She was unrecognisable after they'd finished. Cum dripping everywhere!

They left her like that without a word, and I spent an hour rubbing their cum into her sore cunt and destroyed asshole. I added mine, covering her crotch, and massaged it tenderly in, until she was a creamy mess. Then I turned her over, made her stick her bum out and slid my cock into a very loose ass. She screamed in pain, but started to buck against me, and very soon the backlog of cum the boys had left inside her started to appear. She couldn't close her asshole around my cock, so it just poured out all over the sheets.

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