See my wife get laid

See my wife get laid.

I had always wanted to see my wife get laid and so I finally decided to do something about it. I purchased a swingers magazine from a local store and found an ad that I thought be good. It was a male who was hung and he lived out of town. I wrote to this fellow and told him what I was looking for. I also enclosed some pictures of the wife in all her glory. I recieved this guy’s phone number and called him and he was excited as hell. My wife is 34-24-34, blonde and cute, 5 feet 4 inches and 110 pounds. I finally told my wife that I had contacted a fellow and asked if she would be interested? I was so happy when she said ok, and took her to bed and really pounded her with my hard cock as I thought about the next day. We met the guy in a bar and after a few drinks we went to his house. I could tell the wife was nervous and I was unsure on how to get it started.

The guy showed us a bunch of photos of him and others and I could tell the wife was getting wet. When I went to the bathroom, the guy told my wife not to worry, that he would make the first move. After a half hour we were out of beer and he went to the store to get some more. I told the wife we would be sitting here all day unless we got something started and I removed her blouse and bra and slid her jeans off, leaving only her pink panties on, and I removed my clothes and sat on the couch. The wife began to suck my cock and we both got really horny knowing Russ would walk in the door any second.

The door finally opened and in walked Russ and his eyes lit up when he saw my wife, in panties, sucking my cock. Russ went to the bathroom and during this time I removed Mary’s panties and told her I wanted to see her suck his big cock. Russ came to the couch and removed his clothes. Mary had not looked at him since he had come back to the house and just kept sucking me. Russ sat down next to her and began to feel her pussy.

It was really wild! Here was my naked wife and a naked man next to her, feeling her snatch and my cock was hard as a nail. Mary began to moan as he felt her and I pushed her over to his cock. Russ had a 9-incher that was really thick and the wife grabbed it and began licking it and I began to finger-fuck her.

It was really great watching her suck on him. I couldn’t believe that she could get that rod in her mouth, but she did. Mary is a great cock sucker and really makes love to a man’s root with her mouth and Russ was climbing the walls as her expert mouth was doing a number on his cock.

When I tried to move Mary’s ass so that I could begin fucking her, Russ said lets go to the bed. Hell, I was so horny I would have done it on the ceiling. We moved to the bed and put Mary between us and began to suck her tits and rub her body everywhere with two sets of hands...Mary was just shaking from desire and said that it felt great to have two men at once.

I told Russ to go ahead and try her on for size and he slipped his tool in her from the rear while she was laying on her side facing me. What a great view I had as Mary sucked me and Russ fucked her. I love to watch porno video and watch others fuck but this was the best, here right in front of me, two people fucking and the best part was the woman getting dicked was my wife.

I told Russ to slam her good as she loves it hard and fast and he really pounded her with his fact Mary found it hard to keep sucking me because of the intense motion. I didn’t mind at all, the show was great.

I told Russ it was my turn and he slipped out and I pulled Mary’s ass up in the air and slid was nice and wet and ready for more. I told Mary to clean his cock off and she began to lick and suck his tool. It was at this time that I told Mary her cunt felt the same way it did one night when we were just going out together and she said what do you mean?

I told her I knew she had an affair and that I had fucked her one night after she had been out and that I could tell she had just been fucked by someone.

It was at this time that Mary rolled over and told Russ to climb aboard. She said you like me getting fucked so watch this and slid Russ’s cock in her snatch. Mary motioned me up to her head and began sucking me off. She told Russ to fuck her hard and good with his prime piece of beef. Russ fucked her like crazy, giving her long hard strokes. Mary took my cock out of her mouth and looked down at her cunt and said I like to watch a mans cock going in and out of me too. She always does that when I fuck her, it really turns her on to see it.

I was just sitting back now with my hard one in my hand and she ordered me to jack off. I began to stroke it when she told Russ to fuck her from behind. They rolled over and Russ began to lick her pussy and asshole. This just drives her nuts and now she was begging for him to fuck her and after a few more licks he shoved it in hard. I could tell she was having the time of her life and continued to stroke my cock so she could watch, she loves to make me jack off for her.

She then told me to get a good look and to crawl under her and to lick her pussy. I crawled under and it was a sight to see as his monster cock slammed in and out of her. Russ yelled and let go a load deep in her hole as I licked her. When Russ pulled out I climbed out and got behind her and stuck my cock in her hole. It was red and open and dripping of cum and was it ever lubed with cum, both his and hers. I lasted only a few minutes and shot my load in her.

She says its great to have a cock in both ends and to have 4 hands playing with her. We went home knowing we would do this again. Maybe I should get her to write a story about the other times?

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