My wife at the cinema.

We were on our way to our favorite porno cinema downtown. It’s not the classiest place around, but the management knows us and they play a steady stream of hardcore that suits our tastes and the tastes of the kind of crowd we like. We pulled up at a stop light and Abby put a playful hand on my crotch. Wiping a stray blonde lock from her face, she looked at me sweetly with her huge blue eyes and smiled. “I‘m going to be bad tonight, honey,” she whispered. “You don’t mind that I like to play with strange cocks until they come all over me, do you?” She was teasing as usual and I quickly removed her hand before I creamed myself and we had an accident.

Jack, the middle aged owner of the place, spotted us as we came in. He quickly ushered us into the cluttered room at the back of the theatre that serves as his office. The tiny room was littered with papers, pomo mags, empty beer cans and discarded junk food wrappers. Grizzly old Jack himself is pretty overweight and fairly unkempt to say the least. He kissed Abby full on the lips with a familiarity borne of experience and stepped back to check out her outfit. Abby is a young healthy babe with large breasts and long slim legs. That night she was wearing a loose fitting cream colored blouse unbuttoned almost to her navel to reveal a good amount of her ample cleavage. Her shapely breasts were not constrained by a bra as usual. Her grey pencil skirt finished just above her knees, and her stylish silver belt and black stilettos completed her look. She looked as if she were going to a classy evening function or perhaps an uptown club.

Jack stepped in to kiss her again, and this time he slipped both his large rough hands into her blouse to massage her breasts and pinch her sensitive nipples. Abby moaned into his mouth as her nipples hardened and she reached down to unzip his fly and free his large meaty cock. She knelt in front of him and soon had him fully hard as she jerked him off. She looked up into his eyes seductively and Jack reached down and pushed her blouse off her shoulders. The blouse was still tucked into her skirt and it fell around her waist as she quickly slipped her arms out of it and resumed stroking Jack’s cock. “Jack me off on those tits, baby,” grunted Jack, and Abby started working his cock in earnest. Abby had one hand pumping his shaft while the other cupped his heavy ball sac. Her angelic face was just inches away from his cock and she breathed on it gently while she looked up at him.

Jack started coming pretty quickly and he growled as several heavy gobs of thick white come spurted out the end of his cock. The first spurt landed on Abby’s chin and she grinned sexily at him as the rest spattered over her breasts. She continued pumping him gently, milking him for all he had. Finally, she kissed the tip demurely as he began to soften in her hands. “Thanks, babe,” said Jack as he zipped himself up. “You guys enjoy the show.” Abby stood up and retreated to the ladies‘ room to freshen up. When we met a few minutes later in the lobby I noted that Abby had reapplied her makeup but left her blouse completely unbuttoned. She smiled at me and led me into the darkened theatre.

As we took our seats near the centre of the theatre I looked around to see about five or six lone guys watching the movie on the screen. On the screen, a statuesque blonde babe was being sandwiched between two large muscular black men. The men were plowing into both her ass and pussy with their huge black cocks as the blonde moaned in ecstasy. Abby lifted up the armrest between us and sidled up to me. “You wish that was me, don’t you?” whispered Abby sexily. “Maybe one day I’ll do it for you, honey.” With that she patted my aching cock through my pants and shimmied out of her blouse to reveal her proud centerfold torso for all to see. This is usually enough to get the attention of the more observant men in the audience, but just to make sure, Abby put a hand under skirt and very obviously cried out as she started frigging her sensitive clit.

A young guy sitting a few rows in front of us turned around and Abby beckoned him over. He approached us nervously, clambering over the seats to stand in the row directly in front of us. “Is your cock hard, big boy?” asked Abby. Abby didn’t give him time to answer before she was leaning over the seat and stroked his obviously erect cock through his pants. He mumbled something unintelligible and Abby carefully unzipped him to reveal his long thin shaft. As Abby began jerking him off with her hands, the young stranger grew a bit bolder and reached down to squeeze Abby’s luscious tits. Abby leaned back in her seat, leading the young stranger by his cock over the seat so that he stood directly in front of her between her widely splayed knees. “Yeah that’s it,” moaned Abby in her horniest, sluttiest voice, “come for me, lover.” She resumed her loving handjob, blowing gently on his cock while she looked up into his eyes innocently, as if she were doing nothing more than straightening his tie.

I felt someone moving beside me and looked over to see an older black guy in an army jacket sitting down in the seat next to me. His stubbled face had a battered look to it and he ignored me as he carefully inspected Abby’s pale body in the dim light of the cinema. Abby was now pushing her tits together around the young guy’s cock. The velvety smooth corridor of her cleavage and her sexy baby blue eyes looking up at him begging him to come was enough to set him off and Abby sighed with pleasure as he shuddered and drizzled a good amount of slimy sperm down her cleavage.

Normally Abby takes her time milking a guy dry but this time she was distracted by something beside me. I looked over at the old black vet next to me and my eyes were immediately drawn to the enormous thick black shaft he was stroking. It must have been longer than a foot and it was as thick around as a baseball bat. Abby was kneeling on her seat and bending over me in a heartbeat. She lifted up the armrest between me and the old black guy and just about fell over me in her huny to get at it. Her fabulous torso rested in my lap and my rock hard cock was mashed up against her cool skin. Unfortunately, I could only see the back of Abby’s gorgeous blonde mane as it bobbed up and down in the black guy’s lap. I knew there was no way she could get her mouth around this monster cock and I felt her weight shifting in my lap as she moved to kiss and lick the underside of his cock. She started jacking him off with one hand while mouthing his sac and cock like a harmonica. The black guy was stroking her face and hair and I was incredibly turned on by the sight of his dark skinned hands running through her silky blonde hair.

I went to stroke her pussy but she quickly grabbed my hand and put it on her hip to stop me distracting her. She was concentrating all her attention on the huge black cock between her lips. She moaned loudly while furiously shafting it with her hands. After about ten minutes of mouthing and stroking his cock, the guy gently eased Abby’s face back from his cock and pushed his cock forward until the huge shiny head was resting against her open lips. He then grasped the shaft firmly and jerked himself off strongly until he came like a great flood. Abby’s willing mouth was soon filled to overflowing and I saw a mouthful of thick warm jizz spill out of her mouth and back onto the head of his cock before Abby very obviously swallowed. The old black guy was still coming and several spurts of his milky manj uice splattered over her beautiful face and landed in her hair. Still more dripped from her face and onto the floor below.

“That’s been a long time coming,” said the satisfied black guy in a deep, gravelly voice. Abby giggled naughtily as she licked away contentedly at his still dribbling cock.