My beautiful sexy wife

My beautiful sexy wife.

This is not a fantasy story but real life, having to do with my beautiful sexy wife who’s hot and horny and willing to please me in my kinky ways.

My wife, six years younger, has a very sexy body and dresses for my benefit.  With tight skirts above the knee, revealing beautiful legs, you can see her skimpy bikini through the material. Knowing her sex appeal to men, she likes to tease and show off, often jerking me off at the same time. We play a game that runs as follows.

Before leaving the house she and I sit across from each other having a drink, with her legs crossed exposing beautiful thighs. She turns the subject to sex, asking me if I like what I see and will it get some guy’s prick up tonight. She runs her hand between her legs saying, “I’d like to jerk a prick so hard and long that I’d come.” Especially while she moaned and squirmed against his body. Then her hand would rub my fly that contained a cock already hard from watching and seeing her. She unzipped me and and slipped my hard prick into her mouth.

Off in the car we go, her sitting close to me with her legs crossed and short skirt up high, revealing terrific legs, stocking tops and great flesh. Into a gas station for a fill up, her hand on the inside of my right thigh, holding my cock, a seductive gleam in here eye as the attendant came to the window.

“Fill her up,” I’d say. Him not knowing I meant fill her up with your prick. Leaving for the men’s room, I knew what she would do. When the windshield was being cleaned, her body would shift toward him and, fixing her lipstick, her legs would spread to one side catching his eye. She’d wink and motion him over to her side. With her dress over well rounded knees and the low cut sweater showing beautiful tits, she’d say, “You’re cute. I bet you get plenty of pussy here.” By this time the poor guy has a bulge in his pants, and her eyes are on it. “It looks big, honey. Will you check the wire under the dashboard for the windshield wiper?”

While his head was under the panel and his body on his back on the floor board, he had a good glimpse of legs and hose. When she asked if he had room, her hand dropped to the bulge in his pants. She felt it getting harder, his body moving to her touch, she’s getting hot, knowing she was getting a prick hard and ready to explode, she slowly unzipped his fly.

“Don’t worry, my husband won’t be back yet,” she says, taking his prick out, moving her fingers up and down, feeling the throb of his cock, getting her pussy wet and ready for action.

“Would you like to come, honey, all over my hand?” He moaned yes and she slipped her magic fingers around his balls, feeling them getting hard and full of come. “It’s coming honey, nice white cream. Fuck my hand and let that come spray all over! Here it comes, baby, all over my hand and the seat! Keep going, you stud I may come back and you can stick it into me sometime!”

While he was shooting his load off, he jumped so hard he almost hit the dashboard, with his free hand sliding up and down her leg.

“Boy, baby, I’d love to see you again.” Sliding out of the car he saw me standing with my cock dripping from the come I shot off while she worked his cock to a climax. “Perhaps you will, if you keep your mouth shut,” I said.

With that I got behind the wheel and drove off while my wife finger fucked herself and came in one big orgasm. “God, he had a nice cock and how I wanted it in my pussy! His come shot all over my leg and the floor, maybe we can get back to him again. I noticed you had a good time too.” As I felt her dripping cunt so wet, we drove off for another conquest.

By now we were both worked up and horny, her hand in my pants and my right hand between her legs. “Oh god, I’m so hot, the itch in my cunt is driving me crazy suck me off, darling.”