I was thoroughly pissed with my boyfriend for being so possessive. I couldn’t do anything with my friends without him getting on my back about not spending enough time with him. We had been arguing about this on and off for about 3 weeks when the opportunity came for me to shut him up finally.

We were in one of the local bars when he started bugging me about it again. I was extremely mad at him and I stalked off to the woman’s restroom. I guess I wasn’t watching where I was going because when I entered the washroom, three men turned their heads from taking a leak at the urinals to see who was making the heel clicking sounds. One of the guys grabbed me around the waist as I stood there thinking, what are bunch of guys doing in the woman’s “can”?

“Hey baby, look’n for a little excitement?” I could smell beer on his breath as he held me from behind and directed his voice to the side of my face. “I got more than you can handle”, I said with anger in my voice just as I rammed my elbow into his ribs. Two of the other guys said I shouldn’t have done that to their friend as he lay on the floor gasping.

“Cuff her to the pipe by the window”, the greasy haired skinny fellow said. Before I could run out of there, both of them started tearing off my clothes and in a matter of seconds I was bare-assed in high heels, cuffed to a cold pipe while all three guys started taking turns pinching my ass cheeks and tonguing my tits. The one I jabbed in the ribs bent me over and pulled my head by my hair down to his crotch level and said with a snarl, “Start suck’n bitch or I’ll stick you with my blade”.

In my bent over position, one of the other guys started poking his cock into my cunt while the smelly cock in front of me was rubbing its cheesy smell all over my face. “Suck it! Now!” I opened my mouth for fear of the knife he threatened me with. The cock behind me was rubbing my dry cunt raw and I moaned in agony around the rapist’s cock in my mouth. In under a minute he started to grunt like a pig and his cock started to twitch and shoot its vile venom into my mouth. A slight taste from it reached the back of my throat and caused me to gag. I couldn’t wait until he pulled his cock from my mouth. As he finished with me I let his sperm dribble from my opened mouth onto the tiled floor. I wiped the remnants from my chin with the back of my hand.

The guy behind me was starting to make it feel good in my cunt. It started to oil warmly to the unwelcomed intruder. The moan from my lips betrayed my true feelings as he continued to thrust deeply into my cunt. He started to rub my clit with one of his hands and now I was moaning on every thrust. “Look at the bitch, she wants it more than we do. He unlocked the hand cuffs from my wrist. “Johnny, give the bitch a taste of your cock and this time you better not let a drop fall from your mouth you fuck’n cunt”, he said as he turned his gaze to me. The guy called ‘Johnny’ stepped in front of me and opened his pants and pulled out a massive, purple headed cock. It was already wet at the mouth of his pee hole and dripping more as he jerked it into my face. “lick it baby.” The fucking I was getting from the stranger behind me was making me pant with lust.

In half a second I was licking his gorgeous shaft and frigging it with one hand as I toyed with his nuts with the other. ‘Johnny’ held the back of my head as he forced more of his cock into my throat and started to fuck my mouth with it not caring if it might be gagging me. This cock tasted like a cock should taste, clean fresh and manly.

My drool started to collect at the base of his cock and wet his hairs. His cock felt like hot hard steel as his thrusts pushed past my tight wet lips into my throat. I didn’t feel like gagging at all.

I was starting to enjoy myself immensely. I’ve never had two cocks pushing into me at the same time, so I was savoring every lustful moment. I wanted this to never end. My pussy was taking a hard pounding now as the fellow behind me quickened his pace. His urgent jabs into the depths of my pussy for the past 20 minutes had made me come 4 times around his cock. My pussy lips were drenched with our juices. I could feel my ass cheeks jiggle with each ram from his cock.

Johnny wouldn’t be lasting too much longer in my mouth. I could taste his manly sap almost running freely now from his buried cock missile. “Ohhh you fuck’n cunt”, the guy from behind grunted between his lustful spurts and thrusts. He held my hips tightly to his body as he emptied his sticky goop into my happy womb. Johnny was now unloading his thick spray into my mouth as I savored every delicious drop. His short quick thrusts and deep sigh signaled the end of my rape turned lust. One of my fantasies has always been to be fucked my two or more guys at once and now I was one happy pussy for having done it.

The man in my pussy pulled his cock out of me just as ‘Johnny’ finished up with my mouth. “Hey baby, how about me!” the cunt man said as he pushed his still hard wet dick into my mouth. The warm butter he had just deposited was now running down my legs and gave me a shiver down my spine as it cooled. I’ll give this cock a good sucking for a job well done on my pussy, I thought to myself. I savored the taste of his pussy and sperm smeared cock as I ran my tongue up and down it’s length on the underside then gave the large purple head a big wet kiss as I sucked on just the head. This gave the fellow a nice spasm in his cock and out pumped some sticky tasty sperm. Leftovers from the fucking he just gave my pussy.

The asshole who used my mouth first lay on my shredded clothes and told me to sit on his cock. I didn’t care anymore about what he did, I just wanted to be filled with cock, so I did as he told me. His cock was a stiff pole as it jabbed into my wet slit and I slid down its length all the way to the hairy base. I could feel his cock twitching in pleasure as he held my hips and started pushing in and out of my clinging cunt.

A couple of guys entered the washroom and saw the activities. “Is this the new vending machine for guys I’ve been hearing about?”, one of the guys said to the other. No man, this chick is here every Thursday night at eight o’clock giving away freebies. They both laughed as they pulled out their cocks which were both growing in length as they looked at my body being jerked back and forth between the two cocks buried within me. “Hey baby, I see your hands aren’t occupied yet. Mind if we each make use of one?” I put both of my hands on each of the new cocks on either side of me and started jerking them off as their cocks reached full erection. “Hey dude, share the wealth”, the guy on my left said as he pulled my head to his throbbing cock. I swallowed his cock down to the root as he held the back of my head to his groin. I was in heaven being in the center of a gang bang by a bunch of pussy starved cocks.

I was bobbing my head and bouncing my ass against hard horny cocks and I loved it. I didn’t need any coaxing now, I was turned into a lusting sex starved animal. I moved my head to the next cock and sucked the head in, in one gulp and spun my drooling tongue around and around making the guy dribble his honey from his balls prematurely. I was savoring all the cum I was tasting. I was pulled roughly away from that cock to be forced onto the next hard dry cock from nowhere as I was continually being fucked in my pussy from the cock below me. My hands were full of hard twitching cock as one of them started shooting his cum onto the side of my face. I turned to it with my mouth and sucked up the last of his sweet tasting orgasm.

A pair of warm hands started playing with my asshole and inserting first one finger then two and three. I had become totally opened and was waiting for a cock to go up my ass next. I didn’t have to wait long. What felt like a mammoth cock was pushing its way into my bowels stretching me wider that any other cock had ever done in my in my life. I was having a wonderful series of earth shaking orgasms that started in the middle of my belly and stretched to my asshole and to the back of my throat and spine. I couldn’t control myself, I was going insane with pleasure. A couple of other men started sucking my tits. Cum started splashing on my back and hair and face with a greater frequency. I sucked hard dripping cock after hard dripping cock and had my face literally dripping with the cum that wasn’t splashed down my sticky drenched throat. We were one giant heaving orgasm, pumping and clawing for the release we all needed and wanted and I was at the very center of it all.

When I awoke, I was still being fucked in the ass and cunt by a couple of bartenders that found me covered in cum. They both came together when I started to wake up and I sucked them dry for being there with me to the end. They gratefully accepted my gift of the two final blow jobs of the night. Among the men who were passed out on the tile floor of the washroom was my boyfriend. He had his wilted cock out of his pants and dried cum stains on his clothes. I guess he was one of the cocks that fucked me last night and I couldn’t recognize it among the blur of cocks and balls dangling in my face.

In talking to him after the wild gang bang, he said he saw me in the washroom with about ten guys standing around watching and waiting for their turn. He saw nobody on my ass so he stripped down and climbed on my ass to give me a wild ride. He was the mammoth cock who entered my ass first! He said after he was finished with me he was still turned on by my lustful act and proceeded to fuck my face to give me a mouthful of cum. When he was done he said he watched me get fucked a little while longer by all the guys and then passed out for the night.

Now my boyfriend never gets jealous when he has to share me, he just gets horny!