I am a happy wife.

I am the luckiest and happiest wife with the most wonderful husband. I realized this when as i was hit by another strong orgasm as the cock was pounding me from behind and as my pussy tightened around the cock and i felt him expand to release his load from his huge cock that was stretching my pussy to the limits. As i was cuming so hard, i turn around and with glazed over eyes saw my husband's face with a huge smile on his face as my unprotected pussy felt the cum flood my cervix! I felt such an love emanating from my husband as our neighbor pumped his fertile cum into my pussy. I felt his hands on my hips gripping me hard as he thrust himself as deep as his huge cock could go into me!

Let me tell you how i found myself getting fucked by our neighbor and how my husband walked in on us in the middle of one of my strong orgasms. I am a young house wife with no kids. I married my husband a few years back and we had a terrific life together. I met him at a charity party where i was working as a hostess and guide for the guests. I had just turned 21 when i got this job. My husband, Derek was one of the sponsors of the event so i spent a lot of time working with him prior to the event. After the job was completed he asked me out and we lived together. I had always had a huge sex drive and Derek tried very hard to keep up with me. He brought home toys for me to use to satisfy my lusts and high sex drive. After a few years, he kept talking about us letting in another man in our life to give me more sexual satisfaction. I did not want another man to fuck me, so i kept telling him no.

Then a few months ago, the house next door went up for sale and an older gentleman bought it. His name was Brian and he was in his fifties and had retired recently. Brian was a really friendly guy and he started to remodel his house. I talked to him daily when he was working on the house. He had a whole work shop in the garage and built everything in there. I often brought him lunch since his kitchen was torn apart. Brian was not good looking, but he was charming and very nice. He always made me feel so comfortable around him and made me laugh all the time. Brian had a pretty big belly, but he had strong shoulders and arms. When the summer came, he worked without his shirt a lot and he was very hairy. Most of my men had been boys so nobody that i ever had slept with was that hairy. First i thought it was kind of gross, but I got used to it and did not think much about it.

One day, Brian was out in his garage and sounded so happy when i walked in there. He told me had had finally finished the master bathroom and felt like celebrating. He asked if i would like to celebrate his first big achievement with his remodeling? I told him it would be an honor. So he went into his house and came out with a bottle of champagne. Not the cheap kind either. We sat in his garage and toasted. We quickly finished the bottle with laughter and a lot of fun. We moved into his living room, which was a mess and he served me some cocktail instead. It was now early afternoon and i could really feel the warmth for the booze. I giggled like a little girl when he made sexual jokes. He was so funny and made me feel so relaxed and good about myself. I did not realize how much i had been drinking at this point. I checked my watch and told Brian i needed to get home to make dinner. He looked sad and asked if this party was over? I told him to come home with me and help me get dinner ready and then he could have some too.

We walked into my house and got into the kitchen. Brian found our little bar area in the kitchen and mixed some more drinks. I sipped on them as i started to prep. Brian came up behind me and started to massage my shoulders. He said that i looked so tense and it felt so good. Brian told me to stop for a minute and get into the living room so he could give me a better massage. I was down on the couch and had him massage my shoulders. He told me to lay down on the couch so he could get me more relaxed. He pulled off my top as i laid down on my chest. My bra strap was in the way so he unhooked my bra too. If i had not been so tipsy, i would have reacted. But in my state it felt good and i never thought about Brian in any sexual way. I had only a little skirt on, so i was almost naked except around my waist.

Brian got me very, very relaxed and i felt so good. He reached over and gave me my drink. When i sat up my breast got totally exposed, but Brian made no mention of that he had a clear view of them. I downed my drink and told him to continue. He worked on my back and down my arms. I could feel his hands touching the side of my large breast and it felt good. He made no attempt to grope me or fully touch me. Then he worked his way down my back and over my ass. He massaged my ass through the clothes. Then he moved down to my legs and i was almost falling asleep. He had perfect hands.

He went all the way down to my feet and then worked his way back up my legs. He found the inside of my thighs and i spread them open a little bit to give him better access. His hands worked so good on my inner thighs that at first i did not notice that part of his hand was rubbing my pussy through my panties. He stood next to me and when i realized that he was working both on my thighs and my pussy, i decided to pretend that i did not felt it. I could feel my excitement increase and my pussy getting wet. After a couple of minutes, i could not help it and let out a little moan. Brian took that as a signal that what he did was ok to continue, so he very easily moved my panties aside and started to rub my wet pussy with his fingers. It felt so good and i felt an orgasm building. He slide one finger into me and used his thumb to rub my clit. I was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. I looked over to the side that he was standing on his knees next to me and saw a huge bulge in his shorts. It made me even more excited and i tried to stop myself but suddenly exploded in a huge orgasm over his finger in my pussy. I clinched my pussy tight and i heard Brian moan in his own excitement. He kept finger me as my orgasm ebbed out. I don't know why i reached out, but i really wanted to see how big his cock was since the bulge was huge. So i pulled down his shorts and out popped a huge rock hard cock.

It looked so fucking hot and i almost came again when i felt it in my hand. Brian lifted my hips and pulled off my panties. I kept stroking his cock with my hand and i was amazed how hard this old guy was! Brian lifted my hips up so that i stood on my knees with my face still down on the couch. My ass was up in the air and Brian moved behind me. I felt his cock getting rubbed over my wet pussy and then he started to penetrate me slowly. I had never cum from someone entering me before, but i could not hold back and started to cum over his cock as he slowly thrust in to me. As i was cuming i felt him getting deeper and deeper. His cock was huge and I felt so stretched to my maximum. Brian was fucking me better than i could remember any man in my life had fucked me. He was as deep as he could get and most of his cock was buried in my pussy. He held pretty still and only did small thrusting motions into me. I could feel him rub my cervix and it brought on yet another orgasm. That's when i turned around and saw my husband standing behind us watch me getting fucked. Brian grabbed my hips harder and started to cum in me. I had no protection so i did not know how my hubby was going to react when Brian pumped his fertile cum right into my cervix. I had never felt a cock all the way onto my cervix and i actually felt his hot sperm invade my body and cervix as he pumped in his fertile cum into me.

So now you know how lucky i am with a husband who lets me fuck my retired neighbor every day when my hubby goes to work. More often than not, my hubby finds me on the bed sleeping with cum leaking out of my swollen well fucked pussy.... But that is expected after hours of hard fucking!