Fuck my wife

Fuck my wife.

I like to watch my wife fuck & suck groups of men if the circumstances permit it. I have set up several occasions for her. This is not one sided. My wife loves to be sexually used by more than one guy. We are exhibitionists also and like letting single guys or couples, watch us fuck our brains out.

My wife was chatting with Nick this past Saturday afternoon on the internet when she mentioned that we were going out. Naturally, Nick wanted pictures. We were going to a friend’s bar for drinks. He asked if we’d write about what we did. This is what happened.

My wife wore a white blouse, a violet silk mini-skirt, and white high heels. Her white lace bra showed through her blouse and under the mini-skirt she only wore a white crotchless panty/garter belt and long nylons.

Norm, my friend & manager, greeted us. Men and women complimented my wife on her outfit and great legs. A guy tried to pick her up while I was in the bathroom and she pointed him out. I asked her what she thought and she said he was polite and really didn’t bother her.

After a couple of drinks, Norm challenged me to a game of pool on one condition. ONLY if my wife stayed at the bar. My wife distracted everyone I played by crossing and re-crossing her legs whenever they would take their turn to shoot. She didn’t do it intentionally but they never believed it.

During our game, I noticed the same guy who tried to pick her up was back talking to my wife. I didn’t pay any attention to them but concentrated on the pool game. I went to the bar to get a sip of my drink and she introduced me. His name was Jim and he came here once in a while. I went back to the game. Norm had run 3 balls and was now down to the eight ball, while I still had 4 on the table. He came up to me and said that if the guy was bothering her, he’d ask him to leave. I told him no that they were only talking. He said that Jim got women to leave with him, girlfriends & wives, and if he caused any trouble to let him know. I asked how many fights he had to break up because of this and he said none. He couldn’t understand how he got away with it, but he always did.

Now, I was curious to see how long it took him to get my wife. She is easy for men she finds attractive without liquor and easier after a few drinks. She was on her seventh Amaretto & orange juice. He was standing next her with his left arm around her shoulder and his face close to her’s while they talked. Later, his arm dropped to her back. When he dropped it to her ass and started rubbing, I wanted to see my wife’s reaction. She moved so her thighs were only on the stool and her ass was hanging over the back. She didn’t stop him from rubbing her ass in small circles. Next, she un-crossed her legs and I saw his right hand move to her knee. In no time at all his hand was rubbing high on her thigh near the hem of her short mini-skirt.

Norm scratched on the eight ball and I won the game. While Norm was racking, I went for my drink. He saw me coming in the mirror behind the bar and went to the bathroom. I asked my wife how things were going. She said fine and that she was having fun. I told her to be careful and that as long as she was, I couldn’t see why she didn’t have fun. She kissed me on the cheek and said good luck on the pool game.

I moved my drink and cigarettes over to the pool table and Jim came back to her. I asked Norm if he knew why women left with Jim and he told he heard rumors that he was hung like a horse. I looked their way and noticed she had spread her legs apart, her high heels hooked on the outside rungs of the stool. Even from the pool table, I could see the tops of her nylons as Jim’s hand rubbed slowly over her thighs to her garters and back to her knees while his other hand continued to massage and squeeze her ass. He got closer and closer to my wife until I couldn’t see how far his hands were going.

I only hoped my wife would keep her wits and remember that people knew us here. All of our previous exhibitions and her gang bangs have occurred at places people didn’t know us or see us again.

Norm yelled, “Rack’em up!”. I turned around stunned. Norm and I have played maybe 60 or 70 games and not once has he ever even come close to beating me. Everyone came over to congratulate him. You would have thought he won the election for mayor or something the way they carried on. Norm called Jim over. He handed him a $20 bill and said thanks for distracting me. He then told everyone how I fell for his story about Jim being a big Casanova and paid more attention to him and my wife at the bar than to the game. Embarrassing as it was, even I had to laugh for being so damn dumb.

I was glad he didn’t tell the whole story. When I was in the bathroom, Norm and Jim told my wife what they were going to do and asked her if she’d play along. I pointed at Jim and said he was buying the next 3 rounds. Norm said he’d buy the drinks. I said it was the least Jim could do for getting PAID $20 to feel-up MY wife. Norm looked at him and Jim turned red. My wife told Norm she knew I wouldn’t get distracted just because a stranger was talking to her but I would if he was doing something else. She talked Jim into feeling her up. She said, “So you owe me $20, not Jim!”. Norm, Jim, and I laughed. My wife then leaned back and spread her legs real wide. Her mini-skirt hiked all the way up her thighs and her crotchless panty/garter belt was plainly visible. Norm stared at my wife’s pussy poking through the opening. I asked her what she thought she was doing. She giggled and said she just wanted to show Norm what he paid somebody else to touch. Now it was Norm’s turn to be embarrassed and turn red. My wife then excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she came back, we stayed there for another two hours or so before my wife suggested we go someplace else. She was feeling no pain and in a very frisky mood, showing her legs to everyone who said they looked great.

Once in the car, she leaned over and pulled my zipper down. She didn’t want to fuck just yet, only suck me for a while. I moved the seat back and let her. Neither of us saw the man standing outside the car by her door. I spotted him first and was going to say something. With the bright flood lights in the parking this guy could see everything. I jumped when she took me in her throat and started moaning. The guy outside was jacking-off and watching my wife give me head. I asked her if she was hot and she bobbed up and down over my cock. I took her movements as a “yes” and rolled down both front windows with the power switch. I told her to spread her legs more so I could play with her pussy. We shifted positions. She spread her thighs wide apart, bending her right leg on the seat and putting the left one on the floor while I got in front of her.

The man got closer to the door while I used both hands on her legs. I pulled her sticky lips apart when I reached her pussy and gave the guy a good view of my wife’s swollen clit and wet hole. She asked me to fuck her with my fingers for a while and her hips started to bump and grind against my hands but I kept teasing her. She asked me again to shove some fingers in her. I told her to move down, more toward her door, first. After she did this, I squeezed her pussy lips together with until her clit popped out. She was gyrating her hips, trying to get one of my fingers into her. The guy outside reached in and I didn’t stop him. Instead, I shifted so my wife couldn’t see what was going on and removed one of my hands so the stranger could feel her up without her knowing it. She moaned louder and sucked me again when I finally pushed a finger in her cunt. She was real slippery and wet from excitement. The guy slowly moved his hand to her pussy too. He pulled her lips apart while I slowly fucked her with one finger. When I removed it, she screamed at me to put it back in.

I rubbed the top of her pussy, just around her clit without touching it, and pointed to the stranger to finger-fuck her. He pushed his middle finger in to the second knuckle and twisted it. She moaned around my dick and shoved her hips up. He then put his index finger into her wet hole and did the same thing. My wife hummed around my cock and sucked it deeper. I tickled her clit with my thumb while the stranger fucked her with two fingers. She shoved her hips higher off the seat and groaned. His hand and my wife’s pussy were making sloppy noises as he finger-fucked her faster and faster. She was cuming and fucked herself wildly on this guy’s hand. She started yelling “YES” over and over so loud I though people would come out of the bar to see what was going on. Mean time, the guy took his hand away quickly and jacked-off through the window. My wife’s hips were still high in the air and her cum was running out of her, slowly dripping to the crack of her ass. The man outside came too. His first squirt hit my shoulder, so I moved. My wife looked up to see why and was hit by his second shot of cum right on her mini-skirt. Her hands dove for her clit as he squirted his last four shots of cum on her nylon covered legs. While he and my wife groaned their satisfaction, I pounded away at my dick. When the guy leaned in the window, his jaw fell open. I was shooting cum all over her face and she was playing with herself, hips still high off the seat and cuming again.

The “stranger” was Jim! After my wife calmed down, she said that she invited him before we left. Her reason was to make up for allowing him to feel her up but nothing else inside the bar. Jim had already promised her not to mention anything to any one. He thanked both of us and said if we ever need his help again, to let him know and left.

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