First encounter with another man.

My wife’s first sexual encounter with another man came after more than five years of marriage. I had asked her about sharring herself with another man for more than a year. She liked to fanticise about it but would never consider it.

We had neighbors who were fairly close. The lady neighbor confessed to my wife that she did share herself with other men. Her husband is a military man who is out of the country quite often. One day the neighbor invited us to go dancing at the military base. I had work to do but I told my wife to go and have a good time. I was not the least concerned because my wife had never relented the least bit about sharring herself. When my wife came home around 11:00 she told me the following story. She was crying and appologizing profusly! She asked if I could ever forgive her. I asked what in the world happened.

My wife told me that a couple of men joined she and our neighbor at their table and danced several dances and bought a few drinks for them. After about an hour one of the men invited them to go to the car and “make out.” My wife refused but the neighbor and both men went leaving my wife alone. After another half hour or so, my wife felt out of place and decided to go ask the neighbor to take her home.

When my wife got to the car, one of the men was in the front seat and the neighbor was in the back with the other. My wife got in and asked the neighbor if she would take her home. The neighbor and both men asked her to wait a little longer. The man in front with my wife told her to relax, that nothing could happen to her in a crowded parking lot. She did feel conforted by that and made small talk with her while the other enjoyed each other in the back. My wife said she knew that she should not have had quite so much to drink but she was far from drunk. She said that the sounds of the couple in the back began to get her attention and she did not pay too much attention to the fact that the man in front was rubbing her arm. He told her how pretty she was and how much he enjoyed dancing with her.

My wife said that she recalled how I had been after her for more than a year to share herself and she did not fight the impulse just to play around a little in the crowded parking lot. The man with her turned her to him and kissed her. She said that she was uneasy about it but did not feel threatened. They continued to kiss a good while and he finally eased down and kissed her neck. My wife said that she knew that she should stop it but she could not bring herself to make a scene. She felt his hand on her breast and froze but did not make a move to stop him. He continued to tell her how beautiful she was and reached down the top of her shirt.

She was torn between enjoying and feeling guilty. She knew that without the drinks she would never have let this happen but she was secure and it did feel good. As he opened her shirt and enjoyed one of her breasts she laid her head back and relaxed. She did not do anything for the man but she did not resist his enjoyment of her. She felt him loosen her bra strap and let her breast out. He fondled her nipple and it was fully errect and wrinkled. She felt his hand on her crouch but she knew that he could not have sex with her in the parking lot.

As he eased his hand around the band of her stretch pants she knew that she would be making a scene if she stopped it now. She decided to let him get away with a feel and then ask to go home. Once this guy got to her pussy hair she froze again. She did not stop him but had her legs closed. After a little while she relaxed, opened her legs, and let him play with her pussy lips. He got to her clit and she completely relaxed and let him finger her off to her very first climax with another man.

My wife begged me to forgive her but I told her that she had made me the happiest man in Mississippi. I knew the other man enjoyed her and she must have enjoyed it if she climaxed. I thanked her and told her that I had been begging her to share for more than a year! I praised her and asked her to relax and remember how happy she had made everybody. Needless to say, our sexual activity was very heavy and I asked her to relate the story every day. She seemed to be more relaxed with it as time went on.

After a week or so, our neighbor came by and asked my wife if she had gotten with Derek again. She told her that she had not and did not know how to get in touch with him. The neighbor said that he was begging her to get him with my wife again. She had his number. She left it and my wife told me about it when I got home. I told her that she really would enjoy it if she let him have her; that we both might learn something new and i knew that I would love it! She kept asking me if I was sure and I kept assuring her.

My wife finally called Derek a couple of days later and agreed to supper at a local restaurant. Derek told her that he was married and had to be home by 10:00 so they rushed through supper and went to a motel. My wife went to sit in a chair but he told her that time was short and asked if she minded sitting on the bed. My wife knew that she would be comfortable with the foreplay but she was uneasy about it after that. Derek kissed her and did not rush her. He was obviously crushing her breasts while kissing but was otherwise gentle. He continuously told her how pretty she is and how much he enjoyed being with her in the car. He assurred her that she would enjoy tonight just as much as he did.

He took off her shirt and her nipples were so sensitive that the were already errect and produding out in her bra. He took off her bra and this was the most any other man had ever seen of her. She crossed her arms over her breasts by reflex but did not resist as he moved them away to admire her perfect 42D’s. He enjoyed her breasts for a long time before moving along!!!She had gotten completely comfortable with her breasts uncovered and played with. He felt her crouch with her pants on for a while and she got comfortable with that and even began to be arroused. She was still comfortable as he reached into her pants and played with her pussy hair. As she parted her legs and he got to feel her pussy lips, he told her that she was soaked and completely ready.

He tugged at her pants and had her in her panties, further that she had ever been with other man! He played with her panties and finally opened the leg opening enough to play with her pussy lips again. She did not resist as she felt her first climax comming on. After her climax, she felt him pulling off her panties and he got up and undressed himself. He eased his finger in her and brought her to another climax. She was relaxed and enjoying it but knew that she would feel guilty later.

My wife told Derek that she had to call me to be sure it was ok before she went any further. She told me all that had happened and told me that Derek was playing with her pussy ant breasts while she was talking to me. I asked her to please give Derek that very best sex he had ever had, to totally engross herself into enjoying it and know that I was very grateful and very proud of her. I asked her to bring her panties in in her purse and not to clean up her pussy.

She told me after she hung up that Derek ate her pussy. Neither of us had ever heard of that before! She said that she felt strange with a man with his face in her crouch but it was almost heaven!! She said that she had the very best climax of the evening right them. It was much better than the fingering she had been getting.

After eating her pussy, he got over her and rubbed his dick all over her pussy and clit. he mounted her and got a little rough with her breasts but she enjoyed that too. Me filled her slowly and moved in and out at a slow but steady pace. She came real quick but he kept pumping her. He brought her to a couple of more climaxes then picked up his pace. He lifted her legs and slammed deep into her womb to spray his cum in her.

My wife started to go wash her pussy when she remembered that I had asked her not to. Derek played with her breasts a whild and fingered her to one more climax ant had to leave. My wife came home with her stretch pants soaked where his cum dribbled out all the way home.

My wife again began to feel terribllly guilty and cried. I reminded her that ALL of us enjoyed her. I had sex with her all night long and tried eating her for my first time. I continuously thanked her and asked that she please do it again real soon. My wife let Derek have her one more time and we moved out of the area.


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