Active swingers

Active swingers.

Linda reached over and nervously fumbled with the car’s radio station. John looked over, his eyes falling to Linda’s black leather miniskirt, and he could just barely see the top of her sheer black stocking, and as she crossed her legs again, the bright silver garter tab came into his view. Just then he looked up to find her stunning green eyes looking into his, with a sparkle he had never seen before. He felt his cock stiffen in his slacks.

“How much farther is it?”, she asked, looking into his eyes all the time. Both of their imaginations had been running rampant ever since they had talked to Joan and Dave earlier that week. John had met Dave over cocktails after a business meeting, and the two had hit it off well. After a few drinks, the conversation had turned to sex. Dave had told John that he and his wife Joan were active swingers, and although they did not discussed it much further, Dave had peaked John’s interests. Since they had married seven years ago, John and Linda had always enjoyed a great sex life, and were always ready to please one another. After reading a swinger’s magazine for the first time, they both had agreed that meeting a young attractive couple like themselves turned them both on. Linda had often verbally fantasized about wanting another man, especially when watching it happen during the X-rated movies they occasionally watched in the den. And once, while they had been fucking, John had also hinted that seeing her with another man really turned him on. As they continued fucking, they both came harder than they ever had before.

The evening after he and Dave had discussed it, John and Linda talked about it, and both could tell that they wanted this to happen. They decided to call Dave and Joan and talk some more about. They did, and all four agreed to meet the next weekend on a “no commitment” basis. Later, in bed after they had talked on the phone they made love, and Linda was even more excited than usual, and John could tell she was already very turned on about Dave and Joan.

John pulled the Mercedes into the driveway of the address that Dave had given him. As they approached the door, they turned to one another and kissed lightly but passionately as a sign of trust and love. Dave answered the door, dressed in a silk shirt and slacks. Tall, dark haired and muscular, his sexy blue eyes showed a friendly and sexy look. Linda felt herself tingling already. As they walked in Dave and John shook hands, and Dave kissed Linda lightly on the lips.

When they saw Joan, both Linda and John were floored by her beauty. Like Linda, Joan had beautiful shoulder length blonde hair and a model’s face and figure. She wore a burgundy knee length dress, with a deep v-cut showing her breasts to fine advantage. When they walked in, Joan quickly arose to greet them. She was only about 5’-3”, but she was wearing 3 ½” spike heels, so she was about Linda’s height. Joan and Linda sat on the sofa as their husbands made drinks for them. They chatted about their lives and their jobs, and got to know each other. Eventually, they talked about the swinging lifestyle. As they talked about their turn-ons, Joan mentioned that they enjoyed taking lots of photos of their swinging activities, and asked Dave to get one of their photo albums.

Joan sat between Linda and John, and as they thumbed through the photos, one of them showed Linda going down on a spectacular looking redheaded woman. Linda had fantasized about being with another woman, but never thought she could bring herself to it, but as she looked at the photo of Joan, she could feel her pulse quickening. Linda could feel the back of Joan’s hand lightly touching her nylon covered thigh, and as she looked up she saw Joan looking into her eyes. “Looks delicious, doesn’t she?”, asked Joan. With that, lust built inside Linda to a fever pitch. Joan set the book on the coffee table, and she gently kissed Linda’s lips. As Linda looked over to John, she could see the same lust in his eyes, and both John and Dave had bulges in their slacks. “Come on, lets go into the other room”, Joan said in a deep voice.

As Dave and John undressed, Linda and Joan stood at the end of the bed and kissed passionately, touching each other’s bodies with the touch that only another woman can know. The feel of Joan’s tiny tongue in her mouth made Linda’s pussy drip like it hadn’t before. As they embraced, Linda began removing Joan’s dress, leaving her wearing only her white lace garter belt, sheer white stockings and her heels. As Linda went to unhook the stockings, Joan said “No....... leave them on.... they make Dave crazy, and from what I can see, John looks like he likes them to.” Linda and Joan looked over, and both men were seated on the edge of the bed with raging hardons.

Joan now removed Linda’s blouse and skirt, and Linda was left wearing a black garter belt, seamed stockings and heels. Joan fell to her knees in front of her, and began stroking her nylon covered thighs. Joan kissed the insides of her thighs, making her way up to Linda’s dripping pussy. When Joan could take it no longer, she moved Linda’s legs a few inches apart, and slowly began darting her tongue between Linda’s swollen lips. The taste of Linda’s pussy reminded Joan of a sweet chablis, and she drank it in just as willingly. She got up from her knees, and once again kissed Linda deeply, and Linda could taste her own wetness on Joan’s tongue. They collapsed onto the bed facing one another, then shifted into a sixty-nine position. The two women then made love to each other’s pussies. Linda could not believe her own animalistic drives. She began licking Joan’s pussy very hesitantly, but the unmistakable Joan’s sweet taste simply made her eager for more. She began inserting her tongue even deeper into Joan, then concentrated her attentions on Joan’s sensitive button. As Linda’s actions took the desired effect, Linda could feel Joan’s probing tongue expertly flicking her swollen clit, and her hips began moving in a rhythm just like that of Joan’s administrations. Joan put two of her slim fingers into Linda’s wetness, and as she did so, she could feel Linda’s hips begin to buck even more. Joan pulled the straps of Linda’s garter belt bow string tight to steady her hips so that her lips could not miss the juicy target.

Dave moved over and pulled Linda up, and their lips met. His tongue searched out hers, and Linda could feel the wetness dripping inside her. Dave could easily taste Joan’s wet juices on Linda’s tongue, and his already hard cock became even firmer. Linda reached out and touched his erect cock, and she marveled at how much different his cock felt than John’s...a little shorter, but much thicker. Joan was sucking John’s cock as he gently sucked her clit, which was already wet with her juices and his wife’s saliva. They then moved on to the bed next to Linda and Dave. Linda was now lying on her back with Dave licking her right nipple. Joan began licking her left nipple, and with that, Linda felt as though she might come too soon. As John became more excited by seeing this, he moved up on the bed and placed his cock between Linda’s waiting lips.

Linda couldn’t believe how erotic this was...... Joan and Dave, a gorgeous sexy couple (before this night strangers) making love to her while her husband’s cock was in her mouth. As Linda sucked the hard cock, Joan moved up and began licking the part of John’s cock that wasn’t buried in Linda’s mouth. Together, they made loved to John’s cock and John had to concentrate so as not to lose it. Then, Linda moved her mouth to the end of John’s cock, and stuck her tongue into Linda’s mouth. The two began kissing and twirling their tongues around John’s cock. Linda could feel the sweet, feminine tongue at the same time as feeling the erect manly cock in her mouth, and the feel was indescribable. At the same time, Dave moved to Linda’s dripping pussy, and separating the sweet lips of her cunt with his tongue, she could feel his mustached lips find her clit, now very erect from all Joan’s talented lips and tongue.

As Dave’s skilled tongue and lips toyed with her clit, she shuddered lightly. Joan laid on her back next to Linda, and John moved down between her legs. As both the blondes looked down they could see the two husbands going down on the their pussies. John began licking Joan’s lips, which he found were less full than Linda’s, but tempting none the less. As Joan watched the two men eating them, she turned her head toward Linda, and Linda’s lips were awaiting hers. The kissed deeply, Linda’s tongue virtually fucking Joan’s mouth. Linda was close to cumming, she thought, and hadn’t had a cock inside her yet! Linda reached out and found Joan’s erect nipples. Joan’s nipples, although not as long as her’s were much larger, and Linda’s smooth fingers pulled and tweaked Joan’s.

Dave got up on his knees and continued to stroke his cock as he watched his wife and Linda make love. John looked up and was ready to stick his erect cock inside of Joan’s hot pussy. Joan then said “Dave.......... you know what I want to see now!” “Well, hon, I don’t know........” he replied. Sensing the uncertainty, Linda said “John, if it’s okay with you, it’s just one of those things that gets Dave and I off...please, you and Dave stroke each other’s cocks while Linda and I watch? Nothing heavy.... just jerk each other off a little?” John never had thought of himself as bisexual, although an occasional fantasy of touching another man’s cock had entered his mind from time to time. John looked into his wife’s eyes, and now could see a look he had NEVER seen before. She gave him a look that left no doubt that not only did she give approval, she WANTED him to. He made up his mind.

John took Dave’s cock in his hand. Dave’s cock felt so much different than his own. Dave’s cock was a full inch shorter than his, but thicker. As he moved the skin back and forth in a pumping motion, he found that touching his friend’s cock was not unpleasurable, and to his surprise, he found his own cock getting harder as he did so. Then as Dave stroked his cock, John almost came... he had never been touched by another man. Maybe it was his touch, or maybe it was seeing his wife making love to another woman....... maybe it was both........ the sheer eroticism of the evening was factor.

Linda could stand it no, longer. She motioned for Dave to release his hold on her husband’s cock, and he kneeled between her legs. Dave ever so slowly inched his fat cock into her wet pussy. As he did so, Linda’s pussy began to contract, and she knew that this all had made her orgasm very close. Joan, meanwhile moved around the bed, and gently moved her cunt inches from Linda’s lips, allowing Linda to enjoy the taste of Joan’s pussy at the same time as Dave’s talented cock. Joan reached out and grabbed John’s cock, and pulled it to her waiting lips. “Aaaaahhhmmmm......” John could hear Linda’s moans of ecstasy as Dave fucked her with long slow strokes, and her moans were stifled as Linda’s mouth were now full of Joan’s pussy and juices. His own climax was building, as Joan expertly licked up and down his hot shaft.

Dave was ready to come, and Linda could sense her own orgasm starting. As her hips bucked up to meet Dave’s thrusts, she let loose, and uncontrollable shudders. Dave came and shot a huge load into her pussy, and her own juices flowed uncontrollably. As Linda’s orgasmic reactions ebbed, she looked down and saw him remove himself from her pussy, with small amounts of cum, still clinging to the tip of his cock. Linda released John’s cock and rolled over on her back and John eagerly pushed his cock inside her. As John fucked her with hard deep strokes, Joan was experiencing her own orgasm. Linda then kissed Joan deeper than she had ever kissed anyone (including John, she thought), and as she did so she looked up into John’s eyes, and the looks of love between them were only surpassed by the looks of pleasure.

Linda then got up on her knees and her lips met John’s and a kiss of passion unequaled in their relationship. Meanwhile, Dave moved up and Joan began sucking her husbands cock, tasting his cum and Linda’s juices mixed together, the taste of which was far better than any expensive wine they had ever tasted. Joan’s hips began to buck furiously, and her orgasm came. John, at the same time began shooting his cum, and Joan’s hips moved so frantically, that John’s cock came out for a split second, and a long jet of cum shot out on Joan’s thigh, onto her shiny stocking. Linda immediately licked her husband’s cum off of Joan’s nylon stocking, and then began sucking Joan’s clit to assure Joan of the same intense orgasm as she had just had. The taste of John’s cum inside of Joan’s sweet pussy made her own pussy quiver again.

They all laid back in each other’s arms, exhausted and satisfied. As they sipped glasses of wine, they all four knew that had made new friends and lovers that night, and that would remain so for a long time. Before they left, Dave and Joan invited them to a party at their home in two weeks which several couples would attend. John and Linda eagerly accepted.

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